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Pooklet's Colors + swatches: a cheatsheet for n00bs.

Edit: Sorry these were down! I gave up the sims and forgot these were up when I deleted them from my image host! Many apologies!
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Thank you for this! I have her names pretty much committed, but a picture will help so much with checking out my hairs folder. :D
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Aw thank you for this, it's very clear and pretty :)

Would it be ok if I used it in a community? I'm doing a list of Pook'd hairs, and this would be lovely to show off, is that alright? :)
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I cannot express how much I love you. I LOVE Pooklet's colors, but my computer is screaming at the sheer volume of hairs I have. Now I can pick and choose my favorite colors! &hearts
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Oh no! It looks like I'm too late. These have been deleted, is there anyway they can be reuploaded or something? I'm still particularly confused on the neons.